Free Mobile Phone Unlocking

Most mobile phones these days are locked to a certain network provider, the mobile phone unlocking software on this page is here to help you unlock your mobile phone so that is can be used with any other network provider, the software will unlocker your phone but it WILL NOT unblock your mobile phone.

The software listed here is at present quite old and brobably is not able to unlock your mobile phone, we are in the process of updating this section of the site to include more upto date software and removing obsolete software.

Ultimate Calculator V1

This FREE Software will generate Remote Unlock Codes for the following phones. Nokia DCT-3 and DCT-4, Panasonic GD55, Siemens ST55 and CL50 and LG. This is a must have piece of software.



DCT-3 Calculator

This is a FREE DCT-3 Code Calculator. This will work for lock 1 and lock 2 on all Nokia DCT-3 Mobile phones.



Smart DCT-4 Calculator

This is a FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator similar to those other listed above and will unlock a lot of nokia mobile phones but not the most recent.



CyberGSM DCT-4 Calculator

This is a FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator, it can also generate codes for the Siemens ST55, CL50 and the Panasonic GD55.



Mados 3310 DCT-4 Calculator

This is another FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator with a difference becuase this one you flash to a Nokia 3310 phone, you can still use the phone to make and recieve calls (not at the same time) and you can also use it to calcualte DCT-4 Codes.



We have no information for the following software



Knok Pheonix
Nok Tool
Rollis DCT-3 Flasher
Div USB V1.8
Alcatel Workshop
Freia_Build 9
All Siemens Unlocker
Older Siemens Unlocker
Motorola Victor GSM
Sharp GX10 Unlocker
Sonyericsson DIV8 Cracked

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